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Counseling of Charleston

Personal Counseling - Middle Age

The transition from a very active time in your life of advancing a career, raising a family, seeing your goals reached or at least reaching for a vision to a time of evaluating where you have been, were you are, and where you are going in the future is often a difficult time to navigate. The realization that you have left your youth and are becoming a more “seasoned” adult with deeper insights and wiser perspectives is sometimes a difficult realization. Initially, we often respond with panic and fear thinking that we may be left behind and not valued for what we have to offer. Counseling can help you to step back from the scene and assess this current time in your life with rationality and wisdom. As friends and loved ones begin to leave us through death or relocation to be with their children, etc. we can feel lonely and depressed. Now is the time to seek help to find support and comfort in a counseling environment to clarify your path for your life. Counseling of Charleston can help you navigate through these waters to a rewarding and peaceful new time in your life.